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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Licensing My Online Business

I finally paid for the service in Registering my business. I feel so relieve because I know that this will be the start of everything that I have been working for. Whether this business will make me quit my full-time job or not, this business will definitely stay on the internet.

I am not sure if this business will make me quite my full-time job, but all I know is that I have some pleasure doing this in so many ways. It doesn't really necessary about money but I can feel some gladness with simple positive feedbacks from my customers. It's always been my pleasure to answer inquiries that inspire me to keep working because I know that there are people who are interested with my products.

I am not sure how long will I have to stay on my full-time job specially that we are planning to move to a better house. But I am praying so hard that by the time that we are finished with all our extra financial responsibilities, I will definitely quite my full-time job and find something that will give me more time for my business.

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