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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Can't Focus

I am going nuts. I keep doing something I am not suppose to do which makes me feel exhausted. There are more important things to do but my mind is preoccupied in doing something I am not suppose to. I keep playing around my templates and my software instead of doing more important things for my business.

Ahhh I just want to free my mind and I do things I want to do. It makes me feel relax and free from all the problems I have to think about.

I hate the homeowner assign to all the problem we are having in our townhouse. There is a leak on my basement and the person who is suppose to look on this is not returning my call. This is really need to be fix and this has been my problem since last winter. I am going nuts. I don't know why God keeps challenging my faith. I just need to keep my mind off from all this things. I really can't focus whenever I have things in my head that make me nuts!!!

1 comment:

imelda said...

im like this too tey. sometimes i waste most of my time in the net doing nothing. sometimes i say i should have been sleeping instead of just browsing about anythng in the net