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Monday, November 9, 2009

Domain For Blogging

I purchased two domain name for my two new blogs today. This time I know how to use the right keywords and keywords that has a good number or search on the internet. I used the reverse keywords search of my online store provider. I find it very effective through my Beauty Blog.

I dont know if this feature of Google Adsense is new but I only learn lately about the top search panel on my Google Adsense account. It shows there which of my blog gets most of the click each day. And I found out that it was my Beauty Blog where I get most of my clicks in Google Adsense.

My Beauty Blog actually is all about my beauty products. I never thought that I can make money from this blog through pay per click by simply blogging about my own products.

So since I know the importance of having a custom domain name in blogging for money, I thought of buying my two new blogs and hoping to make money from this two new blogss sometimes next year. It's going to be an added work for me but I will take that. I like learning on this online business.

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