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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Business Thoughts

Nothing much going on with my online store. But the traffic statistic is getting better. I was so inspired about the number of orders I got last week. I am thinking if I will still get the same number of orders this week and the following week.

That number of orders I got from last week, woke me up from my laziness to update and add more products on my webstore. Aside from the fact that I really don't have enough time to complete the products that I want to add on my webstore, I started loosing hopes which made me feel lazy working on it as much as I did before. It frustrates me whenever I can't finish what I need to do and end up spending less time with my family, so I slowed down a little bit. I feel good when I slowed down working on my online business. I feel less stress and was able to spend more time with my kids.

Now here I am, starting to feel so inspired again and wanted to work more time for all the product that I want to add, and do all the changes that I want for my webstore.... But nope..., It will still be my family and God on top of my priority. My business can wait and if it will happen, it will happen.

1 comment:

Imelda said...

thanks ur doing great. you will succeed tey. congrats and more power to you.