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Friday, May 15, 2009

Off For The Whole Week

I will be off from work for the whole week.. Yepeyyyy!!. And I have so many things to do.

Saturday- clean the whole basement
Sunday - remove and wash the curtains
Monday- clean the front yard and do the general cleaning of my house, from top to bottom
Tuesday- wash all the comforters on the coin laundry
Put all the clean curtains
Wednesday- arrange all the documents for my business, labels,documentation and bookkeeping.
Prepare all the colors of each Mineral Makeup.
Thursday - put or complete my products on my webstore and finish the wholesale page
Friday until Sunday- market, blog, market and market

Today I will pick up my daughters for lunch as usual... Every Friday, it my quality time for my angels.

1 comment:

harry seenthing said...

congrat!!! for ur off from work my friends...i hope u have a time to Visiting me too :D