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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hoping To Make It Happen

I am so happy that another interesting inquiry I receive today from my webstore. She has been selling different items on the internet for quite a long time now. She used to sell Mineral Makeup through dropshipping program. But her supplier don't deliver their Mineral Makeup outside the USA. So she stopped selling Mineral Makeup on her website. Since I take International Orders, she become interested in selling Mineral Makeup again. She created a dropshipping account on my webstore and I approved her application.

Two days ago, somebody purchased my downloadable Mineral Makeup Recipe. I just tried using the download system on my storebuilder account to see how it work and just created a simple recipe using notepad. I can't believe someone will purchase it. She even pay for the shipping while she have the option to choose the Free Shipping since it is a downloadable item. So I refunded the shippping cost on her account. I re-write the recipe for her, so she can clearly understand. I send the recipe to her email because she was having trouble downloading the recipe.

And yesterday, somebody wants to order the eyeliner pencil container. The container is not available on my webstore but I told her I can arrange the price and the shipping cost for her. I just need to know how many container she need. If she will need more than 5, I will have to order it from my supplier in USA so it will take longer.

Ahhh, I can see what are the products that people are looking for. Most of the people who are visiting my webstore are homemade cosmetics makers and looking for supplies they will need to start a business. I need money and time to invest to this kinds of products.

I am happy that my webstore is now starting to get people for my products. I really hope that God will make it all happen

1 comment:

Marly said...

IT will happen Tey! Knowing that there are interested people in your products makes you more motivated in selling.