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Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Father Is Leaving

I didn't went to church today. I have a terrible headache and I dont want to go to church sober. I hope God can understand me.

My father will go back to the Philippines on May 24. I feel kinda sad. I dont know when will I see him again after this. I haven't seen my mother for 3 years now. It is so hard to leave far from my parents. I wish I can make them stay here in Canada, but my mother dont like it here. Also, we have a business back home and they can't leave it just like that.

My brother will be here soon too, when they get the approval of their Immigrant Application. My parents will be alone in the Philippines and I am worry thinking about that. This is one of the reasons why I started a business. I am hoping that it will make me quit my job so I can go to the Philippines often to look after my parents. Or perhaps go back to the Philippines for good. I am thinking of putting up a business there while still selling online. But I need some money to do that though. Ahh I hope God will always be there for them

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