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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Skeptical On One Wholesale Inquiry

I received another wholesale inquiry from one of the largest supplier's directories worldwide. I am a little skeptic about the inquiry since their trading company is located on China. Although most of their customers are from USA, Europe and Canada, why the heck they will get products from someone from Canada where costs and currency exchange are much higher. There are so many products made from China that are being exported from different parts of the world. I also visited their website and most of their supplies are made from China. Hmmmm,...

They are asking me for a brochure of my products and the lowest wholesale price that I can give them. I actually bought a pack of brochure papers since last month because, I was planning to make a brochure for my products to enclose on every orders. But I just didn't have the time. Updating and fixing minor errors on my webstore is taking so much of my time. But since, this can be an opportunity for my products, I will try my best to make a brochure this weekend. I am a little skeptic but there is no harm in trying...... the smart way... lols..