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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creating Blog's Custom Domain URL to Promote

I purchased a domain name for my new blog for my products. Why do I have to purchased a domain for that blog? Because I want my blog where I will promote my products to dominate the keywords that I am using. Having a free account where I wil promote my products will take time to jump into a good index position on the SERP. I've seen a tremendous difference when promoting products on blog with its own domain URL.

Most of the traffic of my webstore are coming from my >Embracing Health For Life blog with it's own custom domain URL. Now I know why I usually receive offers from advertiser on this blog. I created a blog for my products to create a community for my future customers. Here they will be able to read articles about my products. But creating a blog with custom domain URL will not only create easy community for my products but also to dominate the keywords for my products on the search engine.

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