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Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy Weekend Ahead

It's the weekend once again. Since the ingredients that I have been waiting for are already here, I will try my best to finish my Mineral Makeup product category so I can start the PPC campaign. I am a little nervous on what will be outcome. I just want to get the first 100 visitors and see what are the changes that I need to do for my website.

I also want to add few products on my Body Bath and Facial Care Category. I just love the Cucumber with Licorice Cleansing Cream that I made. I use this together with my Cucumber Witch Hazel Astringent and Papaya with Licorice Body Wash. My kids love the body wash too. I might be making a cucumber with licorice botanical extract Bubble Bath. We all know how beneficial these botanical ingredients when added to skin care products. I wish I have ample time to do all of these.

Once I am done with all these personal favorite products, I will start completing the Natural Cosmetic Ingredients like the Essential Oil, Floral Waters etc.. Then I will add all the Cosmetic Bases for people who want to make their own lotions and other skin care cosmetics.

The last project that I want for this very first webstore, which will probably happen when I start receiving inquiries and request, is to sell Mineral Makeup Ingredients. Since these ingredients are imported from USA, I need to invest money so I can sell them in a very competitive price within Canada. My thoughts are big on this business

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