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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Little Angels No More

I am still having some confusion with my relationship with my kids. Understanding how they react on every single detail of who I am, in and out of the house. I can't seems to understand why they seems to hate everything in me. It's confusing for me because I can never change who I am... I can't be anyone else but me and I can never change myself for anyone.

I am thinking of spending less time with them. I think it's about time to let them go and accept that they are not my little angels anymore. I need to get a life outside my family and have fun doing something else.

But that is what I am doing? That's why I am communicating with friends even if it only from the internet. But why they seems to hate it?... Ahhhhh!!! I don't know!! I will leave evrything to GOD!!


Market Research said...

it seems that u love your Angels a lot, then why doing such a thing. I suggest u try to understand them & give them time so that they understand you.
May god bless you & you remain happy in you life.

Tey said...

We are doing fine now but I am trying to put more boundary this time so they will know that I am their mother and not just a friend... Thanks for the concern, I really apreciate it.