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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maybe Stressful But I am Thankful

I have 4 orders to make but I am doing one on Thursday because I have to pick up some ingredients form my supplier. I already did all the labels for the three orders and I really hope to be able to ship it tomorrow.

I have one direct offer from one advertiser through one of my sponsors. And I have about 6 pending tasks to make from my other sponsor plus, about 5 more new assignments from my newest sponsor.

I accompanied my daughter to the doctor today which made my time limited to do all the pending task from my sponsors, and the delayed processing for the orders.

Thinking all these extra jobs that I need to accomplish can be stressful, but instead of being stress, I feel so thankful because God knows how happy I am to receive all these blessing. THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL THESE BLESSINGS!!

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