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Monday, October 6, 2008

No Follow Link In SocialSpark

I used to be so frustrated about SocialSpark's system of grabbing tasks, but now I am so happy with it. I am just sad that I can only reserve one task per week. What I love about their system is the ability to use "nofollow" code for each link. So this means that all opportunities from SocialSpark are mainly for blogger's opinion. I wish I can take as many tasks as I can with SocialSpark on each of my blogs. I dont mind posting many tasks from them and I don't have to worry about the search engine in punishing any of my site because they allow the "nofollow" on each advertiser's link.

All my domain's are now approve and ready to take tasks from SocialSpark. Everyday, I make sure to login to my account to see if there is any tasks available for any of my blogs. Thanks to SocialSpark.com for the opportunity.


mArGa said...

hmmn.. di pa ako nakakapasok sa site na yan since nung binigay mu sakin.. haha! di kase ma-open yung site na yan dito.. pahirapan.. :(

Tey said...

ay naku Marga, their downloading time is really slow.