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Friday, October 10, 2008

Internet Marketing Conference Invitation

I have received this interesting invitation about Internet Marketing Conference, about 2 days ago.

Here is what to get at the conference;
* Free admission for you and a guest to a 90 minutes conference
* Free meal for you and your guest
* Free MP3 Player for you and your guest
* Free training, and tested Internet marketing strategies.

The company assumes any interest you may have in attending the conference is for your current business and/or because you are looking for ways to promote and sell product, service or idea, none of which will be provided by the company. It's a first come first serve basis. Meals will be serve at the conclusion of the 90-minutes conference. Mp3 player will be available at the event or may be mailed to you after the event. One MP3 Player per guest. Mystery gifts will be mailed after the event

I am quite skeptical about not being allured to spend money but I am more interested if everything is FREE!!!! lols, so I called the number and make a reservation for me and my husband. I choose the location near me at Renaisannce Toronto Airport Hotel, Dinner time on October 24(Friday) at 6pm. I am quite excited about it since I am on this type of business for more than a year now.


Imelda said...

sis, its a good oportunity to self-enhance knowledge about internet marketing. good that u and ur hubby r attending.

Tey said...

yes Imleda I am excited to attend. I can't wait til the day. Imight be there early.

Bill said...

Let me know how it goes. i am always looking into new ideas myself.

Tey said...

Yeah Bill I will be posting about the events. It will be on Oct 24 so few more weeks to go