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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blogging Is Not For Money

Everybody wants to blog just because they found out that they can make money from it. Some are even imitating how others are making money from it. But after a few months, you will realized that these blogs are either abandoned (not being updated), deleted or cannot be found on the internet because it was automatically deleted by the host.

Funny but this people think that making money by blogging is as easy as one to three. Well blogging is actually easy, but to make money from is somewhat complicated and need a lot of patience. So these people who hope to make money from blogging become frustrated after few months of blogging and didn't make any cents from it or perhaps wasn't satisfied, they will just turn their back from what they have started.

Don't blog if you aim for money alone, because blogging is for people who love to share their thoughts and opinion. Money will come along the way simply because bloggers love to blog.

I can not even consider the amount of money I am making from blogging as a compensation to the amount of time I am spending infront of my computer everyday, but the self-fulfillment does. I love what I am getting from blogging more than just the money.


Bill said...

I agree with you Tey. When i go online and see that i have a comment it makes it worth while. I also get to make friends like you all over the world. They money is a side benny.

Tey said...

Yes Bill, It's is not advisable to blog for money alone