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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Learning Internet Marketing

As I have promised to share on thig blog about my experience and things that I have learned on the Internet Marketing that I attended last night. Well here it is.

It was like a heaven sent to me on my eagerness to learn more on how to make more money on the internet. I was actually trying to find a school or place where I can learn how I can sell products and services on the internet. The kind of service that I do through blogging that give me extra income, is merely giving out informations by sharing my thoughts and expriences on different things. I really believe that to make more money on the internet is through selling products or services. However, it is not as easy as what I have been doing in blogging.

I need a shopping cart where my clients can purchased sucurely the products or services that I will offer on my future website. I don't know how to do this in a professional way and this seminar is the answer. I don't have to manufactur something to sell on my website since they have a lot of companies who are looking for people like me who is willing to sell their products on the internet.

There will be another seminar as the continuation of this seminar on November 8 and I can't wait to attend and learn everything that I need. When they first said that the cost of the second seminar is $119 plus $24.99/month for the support, I actually prepare my credit card as I am wiling to pay just to get the knowledge that I need to start this internet business. But to my suprised, I only need to pay $25.00 plus $24.99/month for the support. Awesome!!!

The amount of $25.00 + $24.99/month cover the ff;

* Unlimtied Paypal Account
* Unlimited Products and services
* Paypal Integration
* SSL Security
* Inventory Control
* User Friendly website and change/upgrade flexible
* 24/7 online support

The second seminar will cover the following;

* How to get the most out of the workshop
* Marketing worldwide
* Computer hardware/access provider
* Storefront submission
* Taking orders
* Hosting your ecommerce website
* Various internet marketing options
*Customer support

What product I should sell? I don't know for sure right now, but I have a deep passion on health and beauty products and services. I have so many things in mind but I need to focus on learning how to sell products on the internet effectively before stepping on a biggger ladder.


Bill said...

Wow it sounds like you are on your way. To take the first steps to opening your own store. I have done some network marketing before so i understand a little about online marketing. The only problem i had was getting customers to sign up. The products were good but a little more expensive.

Tey said...

Yes Bill I cant wait til Nov 8 where I learn how to start an online store

john said...

Affiliate marketing opportunity is also a great away or the best way to earn money online. With this kind of business you are the own boss and still manage your time with your family..

Tey said...

I cant wait to have that day John. Thanks