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Sunday, October 6, 2013

I am Not A Judge

Here is the thing... After telling or sharing the side of my friend, did I ever ask her side of the story? I dont think so... But when this person starts telling me, her side of the story, even if I am not asking, I was just amazed to think what kind of attitude does she really have.

Here is the thing, when a person says "Sorry" it only mean she is sorry for her mistake or trouble or whatever!!!! Period!!!!... You are wrong WOMAN!! that is why you said sorry or you humbled yourself to make everything ok.... Coz if you have done nothing wrong, you are soo stupid to say so...

Second, you are not my friend so I don't have to hear your side because I am not INTERESTED!!...

THIRD, whatever and whoever I think is right or wrong about the situation, doesn't matter!!! DOES IT?.. Why? am I the JUDGE here?... Whatever or whoever is telling a lie, God knows about it and I have no say about it. Unless you don't care about what GOD's judgement!!

Fourth, he is my friend and I just simply want to hear his side.. That's it.. It doesn't matter if he is right or wrong.. Like I've said, I am not a JUDGE and there is only one GOD who always watch us!!! and that is NOT me!!

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