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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Medical Courses For Doctors

I had my cystoscopy test yesterday at William Osler Hospital yesterday and I was talking to the attending nurse that day who was assisting me. She shared to me all the exciting and interesting part of her job as a nurse. It is very interesting to listen to her story and I am happy that one of my daughter is planning to take a course in medical field.
I look around the internet to learn different medical fields and found this Oxfordn Medical Website. They offer different medical courses.

A Consultant Medical Interview Course is small group sizes, interactive, excellent feedback. There is a maximum of 9 delegates, interactive, excellent feedback. All delegates can undergo a filmed mock interview with personalised video feedback. A consultant interview course is a post course support and training

A medical teaching course is a form of learning on how teach other doctors and staff. Many doctors decide to teach the teacher course or "medical teaching courses" for the purpose of receiving the latest in educational to enrich their roles as senior doctors and consultants.

A medical management course are for doctors who are expert NHS clinicians and managers. This is suitable for ST, SpR, SAS, Middle Grade Doctors and Consultants who want to receive formal training on leadership, management and the theory of management. This is a small group course runs regularly in OXFORD.