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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sad To Find A True Friend

I guess this is the end of my patience and understanding with one person that I consider a friend eventhough, most of the time she is backfighting me due to her bitterness and jealousy. Perhaps her high ego and pride attitude will always stay the same, so I guess it is about time for me to avoid this person and move on.

It is sad to learn, how hard it is to find someone whom I can consider a friend. Someone who will never see me as a competitor in their life. No matter how humble and honest I try to be, they will always see me in a different way.

I guess this is how it goes when you have a successful love with your family. Love from friends are narrow. Should I be sad? Well I'd rather have the true love from my family than a love from other people. I feel thankful and lucky enough for this life

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