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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gay's Bitterness

Gay will always be gay. They are bitter because they are trapped in a body that is not according to what their heart desires. How much more for those who have doubled desire. Those people who are married and have a family with the opposite sex and have some desire for the same the sex.. hahahah!!!..

Times of bitterness for people with the same sex and time of bitterness for the opposite sex. That must be an awful feeling!!! Money cannot cover this kind of bitterness!!!!

1 comment:

Pinkish James said...

Its been ages since the last time visited your blog. I really find this post of yours funny - that is a double whammy.

By the way, I really enjoyed my last trip to Canada last July 2011 and now I'm back in the Philippines.

I am hoping to come back again next year and try my luck their in the culinary industry.

God bless you and take care always!

Here's my FB page in case you like to keep in touch in the future.