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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Look At Me

There are some people who makes their jealousy as an inspiration to get something that the other person have, whom they are jealous of something.

And there some people, who just stayed happy seeing something nice to other people and just keep admiring them.

And there are some people, who just don't care.

And there are some people who hate,angry and mad whenever they see the person that they are jealous of something.------- They just don't stop talking nasty things behind the person's back... These people are HATERS, and 100% Insecure UGLY People.. They just cant stop talking nasty and ugly things about other people because, this is the only way they can release their BITTERNESS, of being born UGLY!!!! hahahahah!!!
I think I can consider myself with the category of people, who just dont care.. Because I am happy and perhaps, PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I may not be as beautiful as a celebrity, but to compare to these UGLY doods... HELLOWWWWW!!!.. hahahah ... LOOK AT ME!!!

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