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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mineral Makeup Profits

I am finally done with these two orders. I will go to the post office tomorrow after I drop my kids to school, to ship these two orders.

These orders look small but they are all Mineral Makeups. I have all the ingredients in stock so I don't have to order anything on any of my suppliers, which means that all the money goes directly into my pocket. Plus, the capital I used for all the ingredients of my Mineral Makeups are inexpensive. So I have more profits everytime there are orders like these.

I wish I can do these online business plus my blogging on a full-time basis, but the orders are very unstable. There are weeks that I am continously receiving orders and some weeks that I only have few and sometimes none.

So to all the jealous, envious and nosy people in my life, now you know why I can't leave my full-time job. I wish I can, but I have to be practical for my family!!! INGGIT LANG KAYO!!!

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