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Friday, September 3, 2010

Long Weekend Woos

I was pissed with direct energy for their system error for not moving my previous home protection plan from my old address to our new address. Good thing that I have a reference number to confirmed my request to move the home protection plan. I was almost charged for the replacement of the furnace motor.

Anyway, today hubby is here when I came home from work because they are off for the long weekend. They will just have lunch at their work by their big boss treat. We will drop him and my brother to their work. Then me and my kids will shop around while waiting for them to finish their lunch with their big boss.

It's a long weekend here in Canada and we don't have any big plan outside. We will just stay at home and enjoy our new house backyard. We wil probably watch a movie tomorrow if we still have the time. We have to go to our old townhouse to do some cleaning because the grasses are getting high.

1 comment:

imelda said...

staying home will save you from incurring expenses, lol. i stay most of the time at home, too so i can save