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Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Friday Once Again

At last, it's FRIDAY!!.. Weekend is the only time that I can have peace in my mind and in my heart. This is the time when my mind is far from those chaotic world I am in at work. I may have some bad moments from my life on the internet, but not as chaotic as I have in my workplace.

I am always praying that someday, all my hopes and dreams to be a work at home mom will come into reality. But I dont know if it will ever happen at all. But still, I am holding on to my plan of changing the kind of environment that I have, as soon as my financial concerns are over.

The traffic, as well the sales of my webstore is getting better each month. I am having inquiries and subscriptions everyday too, which is a good sign that my webstore is starting to get qualified visitors. I am not sure if my ecommerce will make my plan of quiting my job to come true. I can only pray hard for it.

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