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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Make Your Own T-shirt

I love T-shirts, and kids love them too. Not to mention how many times my husband buy t-shirts every month. Because we can wear it at any season. But whenever I look for a t-shirt's design, I have to spend hours looking for a desgin that I have in mind. It can be easier if you can just ask the person, whom you have seen wearing the T-shirt's design that you want, where did she bought it. But sometimes, it is awkward to do that, and you'd rather spend time at the mall looking for that specific T-shirt design.

But hey, look what I found about on the internet. A website where you can design your own T-shirt. *You can choose your own text, fonts, upload photos. They have their image gallery and even change your item after you have designed it. * You can automatically email to your friend to check out your designed t-shirts. * The part that I am most interested in on this website, is the profit that you can make when you offer custom shirts for sale on your site. They don't only offer personalizing t-shirts but they also provide this on bags, polo shirts, hats and indoor/outdoor banner material.

I have registered, and still waiting for their approval, so I can start learning their system. They have live chat if you have further questions about their website. So if you are interested to Make Your Own T Shirt like I do, you can visit their website at www.sonicshack.com. Have great day to all.

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