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Thursday, June 19, 2008

HTTP 404 Error For Custom Domain URL

I feel so frustrated that my Money Domain custom domain URL cannot be access on the internet. It keeps saying "HTTP 404" error message. I was late at work yesterday in finding out how to solve the issue but it was a failure.

This morning I have to switch back to my blogspot URL and republish it to my original custom domain name. Now it is under transition again and I have to wait for another 3 days until my custom domain URL appear on the browser.

For all those who just had their domain and have been using Google Apps, be careful on playing around the settings. I was just trying to make a Web pages and here is what I got. FRUSTRATION!!- I have to be charged again on my credit card by republishing my custom domain name again. I will be working on that, soon as I have my custom domain URL back on the web.

I feel a little bit relieve to see my site on the web even if it's URL is on my old blogspot URL. I thought I lost it and I feel so bad last night. All my blogs, old and new, making money or not, are very important to me. Because blogging has always been part of my daily existence. I hope and pray that my Money Blog's custom domain URL will be back soon!!.


irish said...

i undertand that ester. coz, i played around with it too when i bought a domain and almost lost everything.

Tey said...

It was so horrible Irish and I am still kinda worried about having my domain URL back

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Patience, patience my friend. These things happen to all bloggers. We just have to be careful to avoid unnecessary errors and expenses. Thanks for the post. God bless.