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Friday, June 27, 2008

Interesting Experience As A Blogger

I am happy to share to all my visitors, about another opportunity I received from one advertiser. The day I received the first email from this second advertiser was the day I received the first email from the first advertiser that I just recently posted. I thought the advertiser did not agree with my condition but fortunetly, I received a response from him few days ago. The image will show the last converstion that we had after I have done the first post. I receive their payment today in advance of doing the advertisement to all of my blogs/sites. The payment was direct from the advertiser and no sponsors in the middle. You can click the image for larger view.

I am not discouraging you to disregard direct negotiation from the advertiser through sponsors as this will have a great benefits for secure payment on your part. But I find this an exciting and interesting experience for me as a blogger who aim to make extra income online.

I didn't bother to share to any of my sites about the daily negotiation I had with the advertiser and just thought of sharing it when the negotiation is final. I hope this can be an inspiration to all the bloggers out there to learn how to make money online in different ways.

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