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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Giving And Not Expecting

Food??? Is it just the food?... Just because I don't have the right food to share?... I will give food to everyone if I can. Whether I know if the person can afford it or not, simply because it is just FOOD!!,,, I don't have to measure whether that person can buy more food than me, but if the person needs it, I will give whenever I can.. And I will not ask for any return and expect the person to give me food as well!!

No wonder your life is like that? You measure people and compare to yours. Your heart is so close!!! I feel so sorry for you!! May God be with you !!

When I give or share, I don't expect that person to give and share as well. Thats why I don't give when my heart refuse to... But mennnnnn, it's just food!!!

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