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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life Is Good, Enjoy

Yey!!! Finally, the Topstyler that I ordered online arrived today. I am so happy. I tried is already.. My hair was very oily that's some part of my hair were not curled but some part curled nicely. I will try to curl my hair again tomorrow and see if I can take a picture of me to post on my facebook. hehehehhe!!
I am still thinking about someone's way of thinking and way of living as well. Why she act like that and yet, will embarass herself in borrowing money to different people.

I really hope that she will realize that God see, feel and know everything inside our heart. If you keep on hating people around you, life will never be good to you.

I work hard and will enjoy what I work hard for. But some people are unfortunate to work hard and yet, cannot enjoy much all of what they have been working hard for. Misfortune keeps coming in.

God sees us no matter where we are. I know that I have made mistakes before and will always make some..... Mistakes should make us smarter and not a hater!!! Life is good, because God is good!!!

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