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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Watching The Karma

I always belive in Karma. And I firmly belive that there is a good and bad karma. And both are so exciting and interesting to watch
Funny how you made me feel our life is the same and I bow to that because I never want you to feel I am arrogant. But then the fortune direct you to see the difference in our life. TOTALLY different right?

Funny how you laugh at the house that you thought would lift you up from where you belong only to find out that the house you have been putting down have a hidden treasure. My parent is the landlord of that place and have money to support themselves. So don't question why they can send me money and not me sending money to them like you.

Look at you and your life and ask yourself why? Maybe you may want to change the way to act and think about other people because your Karma is obviously bleeding.

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imelda said...

I do believe in Karma, too. That is why I try not to do things that I hate to other people for fear that people might do it to meas well. Let us live life friendly and peacefully with other people.

I am glad Uncle Lee visited your site also and got to meet you. Neighbors lang pala kayo, have a great day always Tey.