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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Peace and Few Annoying Moments

It is so funny that since I distant myself some of the people that creeps me out, I have the peace of mind that I am really enjoying right now. There are still some moment that is quite annoying to me but I try to keep my mind of to some nonsense things. Who cares about what other people say who doesn't really know what is going on with my happy life.

I still sometimes feel that there are some people who are tring to brainwash other people to start hating me or not liking me. But I am leaving them to God.

I know God is always there to give bad and good karma to everyone. If it is me who needs the bad karma then so be it. I am holding on to God's forgiveness and be able to learn from my mistakes. I hope they will do the same thing.

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