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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Domain Name For More Opportunities

I might not renew the domain name of my Soap Blog and maybe purchased a domain name for one of my blogs. I am thinking of purchasing a domain name for my Blogger's Recolletion's Blog or my Brief Sentiments Blog.

I am thinking of purchasing a domain name for any of these two blogs because I want it to receive more opportunities from my sponsors or direct offers from advertisers. I find it easier to make money through blogs promotions and reviews that creating relevant contents through Google Adsense, because relevant contents needs more passion in creating informative relevant contents. I lost my passion on this long time ago.

I just want to enjoy blogging by posting whatever comes into my head and don't have to think about keywords and keywords phrases to receive clicks and make few extra money from it. I find blog promotion and reviews more relaxing yet you can still offer good informations, products and services for your readers.

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